Anyone out there with some dwarf work ethic who wants to help me in MORIA? MOOOAAHHAHAHAHARRR!

Mordor 7

Mordor 1

Mordor 8

Mordor 2

Mordor 3

Mordor 4

Mordor 5

Mordor 6

St. George, UT

 I am going to let the pictures speak even more for them self in this one than I usually do. I am on my way to some sketchy motel for a shower and mimosas by the pool. More to come. 











Decapitated while stuck in the snow

After seeing Jon Scott hauling ass through deep heavy snow, plowing the road in to the parking lot for Whiskey with his Subaru (not a truck) I felt like I had to follow his tracks. Literally. Now I know that that’s not always a good idea. This ended up leading to a 1.5-hour, 6-person evacuation job. While I was going in to hardcore survival mode I was a little bit confused seeing the rest of the party laughing and having a good time. I guess I just have to spend more time in MT and its driving conditions, get toughened up a little bit. It set a good start for the day.


Jon on the wave  Christine on the V3 from hell

Lady Sharkfist

Nick on Caught in the Act  DSC_4606

I was able to do the first ascent of one of the projects on Caught in the Act boulder today. I called it, “Decapitated” V11, named after the Polish metal band we all love.

Decapitated 1  Decapitated 2

Decapitated 3

Decapitated 4  Decapitated 5

Decapitated 6

Decapitated 7

Grappling Tournament in Butte, MT

Montana Grappling had another tournament this weekend, this time in Butte, MT. I competed in both the no-gi and gi competitions, and had a good time. Felt like there was decent amount of people in each bracket. I learned a buttload of stuff: what seems to work for me and what doesn’t, and a lot about what I most need to  get my shit together on. My biggest “A ha!” realization after the tournament is: how much nerves and adrenaline affect my energy, strength, speed and head… well, I guess that’s just part of the whole game! I guess I just have to do more of this stuff and get used to it, so I can do tournaments and be more relaxed. I came out on top in both my divisions (no-gi and gi) and got myself two gold medals. I’m going to the pawn shop!

Thanks to everyone who made the tournament happen.

Here are videos of most of my matches:









Ryder is getting it done in one of his matches:



Here is a link to all the other 250+ matches:


Have a good one!


The last few weekends I’ve spent in the Pipestone area bouldering. A bunch of pictures below, BUT, since my 6-out-of-10 wife stole them all, there’s probably nothing new or exiting.


Parking, try not to get smooshed by dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, buggies or any other mega redneck toys.


Alex on Sharkfist  DSC_3846

Alex Herbert on “Sharkfist”

DSC_3872  DSC_3874

Christine on “Paresthesia”, Pin Garden Boulders


Joe Manlove on some ground-up cleaning on a random classic slab.


Jarred working “The Wild Pony”

DSC_3880  DSC_3893

Jon “Runkmuskeln” Scott on “The Wild Pony”


Post-lunch shenanigans


The ultimate butt shot


Jeff Ho on the last good find of the day

DSC_3950  DSC_3973


I would say that this is pretty rare. I guess that depends on who you ask or where you are. To me, this climb is pretty damn cool.

DSC_3988  DSC_3993

Joe is on his way up…



Richard Cranium

The result of my latest solo mission to Pipestone, right behind the big’ol crack is now “Richard Cranium.” It ended up being a good little slab with an even better sit start that’s not done yet.

Have a good one.


I have probably been whining about a lack of climbing during the last months in some of my recent blog posts. There is already enough wining and excuses to last a life time in the climbing community–which gets tedious after a while–and I do NOT want to be that guy. So, anyway.

Recently I’ve been going up to Wolverine to bolt and climb. This is an old crag that grabbed the attention of local developers in the last few years. New lines are being established all over the place.

First of all, I am so psyched to not deal with fucking choss up there; so far, the one route I put up, I only used my toothbrush to clean the majority of the climb–which is rare for me. At least compared to the mossy fucking lumberjack cleaning that’s going on back in the woods of Värmland.

I feel more and more how the rock quality plays such a big part in a good area, whether it’s climbing or bouldering. It’s just so much better, and more fun to be on.








The part of the wall that we proudly named “Sweden.” There I am, climbing “Kyrkbrand” for the first time. 5.11, 120 feet (16 bolts!!!!).



The steper part of “Sweden” probably has room for 8-ish routes. Can’t wait to get the rest of the wall established. Hopefully it turns out as good as I imagine. Well, with good rock, I find it hard to fail…


We are getting the hell out of there while we still can!



From Wolverine

Ear Nursing


Cauliflower ear, hear we go….









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